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Historic Home Remodeling Denver

If you own a historic home in Denver, you know that there's a necessary balance between preserving its charm and character and updating it to suit your needs in the 21st century. At Kalin Construction, we understand that balance intensely, and we're committed to helping you achieve it during your historic home remodeling in Denver.

As an expert contractor, we will preserve your home's unique charm and structural integrity while updating your fixtures and systems to modern standards. Contact us today at 720-310-1500 to learn more.

What Does Historic Home Remodeling in Denver Look Like?

Historic home renovation is a delicate process that requires extreme care and intensive knowledge of historic properties. When you choose Kalin Construction for historic home remodeling in Denver, we'll begin by asking about your goals for the remodel. Do you want to:

  • Update your plumbing and electricity to meet current building codes?
  • Create a more open floor plan while preserving the architectural details?
  • Add a modern touch without damaging the house's bones?

Once we understand your goals for the project, we'll create a remodeling plan that prioritizes historic preservation. You'll have the final say before we make any changes, and if you decide to change the remodeling plan in the middle of the project, we'll accommodate your needs.

Why Remodel Older Homes?

If your home hasn't undergone many updates since it was built, it may need at least a few structural changes to ensure that it can withstand several more centuries of use. For instance, roofs only last a few decades at best, and your windows and doors may no longer be structurally sound.

By updating these vulnerable systems, you can prevent expensive structural damage and preserve your home for many years to come. You can also take this time to modernize outdated systems, such as by installing central air conditioning to replace window units.

You'll enjoy more comfort and safety in your remodeled historic home, protecting your investment and your family. But by working with a contractor who specialize in remodeling historic property, you can rest assured that your home's character, architecture, and charm will remain in place throughout the remodeling process.

Breathing New Life Into Historic Houses

When you first walked through the doors of your historic home, you fell in love with its vintage charm, architectural details, and classic beauty. Trusting any general contractor to alter your pride and joy can be challenging — and we understand.

At Kalin Construction, restoring historic properties is one of our specialties. We will take great care to update your home without putting its unique features at risk. We'll listen closely to your wants, needs, and anxieties about the project and go above and beyond to address them.

Whether you just want to update the plumbing and electric systems or have other ideas in mind for your historic home, we're the team for the job. Call Kalin Construction today, or complete our online estimate form for more information about our historic home remodeling in Denver.

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