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Denver Building Code

What is the Denver Building Code, and why does it matter to you? These laws cover minimum safety standards for Denver construction. Complying with the law during your remodel does take time and effort, but not doing so can have major consequences for both remodelers or you and your home.

At Kalin Construction, we complete renovation projects to comply with the Denver Building Code to ensure a structurally sound and legally compliant finished result.

Why It’s Important for Remodelers to Follow Denver Building Code

Remodelers owe their customers a finished product that’s safe, habitable, and problem-free. Here’s why it’s important to follow single-family building code for construction projects.


Construction that doesn’t meet building code can be unsafe for homeowners. Poor construction contributes to deadly fires, expensive plumbing issues, and other hazards that put Denver residents in danger.

Imagine what might happen if occupants couldn’t escape when a fire breaks out in their home. Remodelers need to make sure homes have plenty of ways to flee in an emergency.

Quality of Work

When customers pay thousands to remodel their homes, they rightfully expect work that’s free of defects. Remodelers who ignore building code can end up fielding complaints and even lawsuits from angry customers.

Customer Trust

When a remodeling company works on a home, its reputation is on the line. It only takes one messy plumbing disaster or electrical fire to ruin a customer’s trust for life.

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What Are Some Common Building Code Violations?

The Denver Building Code contains more than 500 pages of rules and regulations. Following all those rules can be a confusing hassle, so some disreputable remodelers accidentally violate the existing building code. Here are some of the most common construction code violations.

Lack of Permits

Denver remodelers need to get permits for plumbing, roofing, and other projects that change a property’s structure. Some companies, though, don’t bother to apply for a permit before a remodeling job.

Bad Electric Wiring

Poor wiring is more than just a mistake. In the best-case scenario, your lights may stop working. But if you’re unlucky, bad wiring can spark a fire that destroys your home.

Structural Issues

Even a beautiful home could have major structural problems hiding beneath the surface. These issues can put you in danger and cost you thousands in repairs down the road.

Safety Hazards

With bad construction, fires aren’t the only thing you’ll have to worry about. A badly designed plumbing system can burst under pressure and flood your property with sewage. Poorly built stairs and handrails can collapse, causing life-threatening injuries.

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How Kalin Construction Complies with Denver Building Code

Kalin Construction has more than 20 years of experience in single-family residential construction. You can rest assured that we’ll take the time to do your remodeling project right. Our team will get the proper permits, investigate zoning requirements, and make sure that every job meets Denver Building Code standards.

Are you interested in remodeling your kitchen, finishing your basement, or restoring a historic home? No matter your project, Kalin Construction guarantees our workmanship for you.

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