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Phases of a Kalin Construction Remodeling or Renovation Project

Initial Phone Call Interview  

During this phone call, Bill Kalin will find out more about your project and acquire a better understanding of the outcome you would like to achieve. Do you have an ideal start date? What do you plan on investing in your home to meet your goals? With Kalin Construction’s 25-year residential remodeling and renovation experience, we can guide you in making the best decisions for short and long-term investments.

Where are you currently in the process of choosing a general contractor for your project? Have you hired an architect and/or a designer to help with structural changes and drawings, kitchen, bath, and electrical decisions? Have plans already been drawn up? Do zoning stipulations need to be investigated and reviewed? Kalin Construction as your general contractor can refer any necessary trades to help with these critical decisions. Our remodeling and renovation knowledge of zoning laws can provide solutions to even the most complicated construction projects.

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Initial Site Visit

This allows all parties to put a face with a voice after the initial phone interview and for Kalin Construction to review the original structure to be renovated or remodeled. Bill Kalin will also establish project viability and budget feasibility. A ballpark estimate can be discussed at this time.

Choosing Kalin Construction as Your General Contractor

When Kalin Construction is hired, a “contractor of choice” document is signed to save a start date in our schedule. We then prepare a comprehensive scope of work, which uses proposals from sub-contractors after they have walked your site, our own detailed takeoffs (how much of each material is needed to complete the job), and input from any final construction documents provided by your architect and/or designer, if applicable. A deposit is paid to Kalin Construction to prepare this in-depth scope of work, which is 50% deducted from the last payment of the completed project. 

The more detailed the plans given to Kalin Construction in this beginning phase, the less likely there will be a need for change orders, which end up delaying the schedule for completion and subsequently increasing the price of your project.

Time for Contract Review and Payment Details

Bill Kalin will sit down and review the detailed scope of the contract with you and establish an exact start date for your home remodel or renovation. A timeline is attached to the contract that details each phase of construction, when the various stages will start and how long each phase will take.

Kalin Construction uses a fixed-cost contract, which specifically lists due dates for the initial deposit and subsequent progress payments. Upon completion of the project, after the final inspections are completed and punch list items are wrapping up, our final retention payment is due. Kalin Construction only accepts payment by check.

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